Toksel Makina has been continuing its industrial experience since 1972, specializing in linear motion systems for many years, the Vargel ® product, which is produced by theToksel Makina , is the first in the world. Toksel Makina is experienced its justified pride to provide quality service.


Toksel Makina, which is the only domestic manufacturer of linear motion systems, continues its production, sales and export activities in an area of ​​12 thousand square meters in Kocaeli Dilovas

Companies Using Toksel Varge

TOKSEL MAKİNA continues to offer practical solutions to the industry with the VARGEL ® product it manufactures  in the name of resolve the needs of the following sectors. With VARGEL ® product offers service in many areas.

Sectors in which Vargel ® product is used;

  • In Cable, hose, wire and yarn winding
  • Instead of hydraulic and pneumatic mechanism,
  • In programmed industrial robots,
  • In automation machines,
  • In sun blind, curtain and sliding door opening closing,
  • In large step screw opening,
  • In special polyester pipe manufacturing,
  • In printing machines,
  • In winding machines,


Can be used as a length follower on every kind  machine.


Comments related to VARGEL

Samet Sahin who our Sales Marketing Manager, stated that they continue to meet their market needs by  producing VARGEL products which  used in many sectors for years

''Our product moves on a single shaft and is used to convert the shaft's circular motion into linear motion. While the shaft on which VARGEL ® moving continues to always rotate in the same direction  VARGEL ® makes   the go to come movement linearly.  By we show an example, this causes  to be applied at desired intervals, any material to be winding or any liquid to be spraying . These intervals can be changed immediately. This process is fully mechanical and the go-to-come movement is performed automatically. Electrical and electronics do not require any reinforcement(drive, electronic card, etc.). "


"Our VARGEL® product is a local product that dominates the domestic market. We decided to focus on marketing and dealership activities in 2016 with the vision to make the whole world aware from existence our  VARGEL® products which to be practical of using, made in Turkey . We realized that the only factor that pushed our domestic and foreign customers to buy from similar products that are of poor quality, expensive and after-sales service quality is very low or not at all, in fact we are not able to fully announce the sound of our products . This was actually a self-criticism and we made strategic moves by identifying how we should take steps in the name of marketing without wasting time. The first of these was the need to put the   website into effect without wasting time  Within our Sales Marketing Department, we have started   strategic marketing activities related to our product by creating a special unit related to our VARGEL® product.  We launched our website   and also personalized it by isolated our product from all other products  "


 "There are serious demands coming from different parts of the world , wanted to market our products in their own regions, through the dealership application section in VARGEL.NET. in matters to provide dealerships in the regions we want to sell, we are continuing to evaluate the incoming demands. Of course, our goal is to increase our exports, to eliminate the use of imported products completely. Our process of evaluating  applications coming from the markets where imported products are produced is very sensitive to us. The reasons of our products are preferred; Fast turnaround and  short deadlines provided, after-sale service guarantee, 1st class material quality and reasonable price ..."