Toksel is the only domestic manufacturer for 30 years

Toksel is the only domestic manufacturer for 30 years

TOKSEL MAKİNA is the only domestic manufacturer for over 25 years.

Toksel Makina; VARGEL ® (Linear Motion Unit) product using as directioner  is the only company that has been producing as 100% domestic for more than 25 years in winding machines, vertical and vertical moving systems, dyeing systems, and dough sheeter systems.

Our company, which manufactures and sells  four different types  of  have different pitches and powersthe units used in cable,hose, wire, thread etc. windings, also serves in the repair and maintenance subject of different systems.

The main reasons of preference of Toksel VARGEL ® products are;

Compared to imported and far eastern origin products, our biggest advantage is quality, deadline and after-sales service.


1526898966_toksel-vargelIt is a use and mechanical very practical system which converts the rotational motion of the straight shaft that it is working on to linear motion and takes its power from the rotation motion  of the shaft. Despite the constant rotation direction and cycle of the shaft, on the unit can be adjusted slowly or quickly by means of an adjustable scale Thanks to mechanical stoppers, the units that move in the opposite direction and  can be practically adjusted the working range, provide practical solutions in many areas of the industry.



Without need the use of electronic speed control and electric switch systems, the  VARGEL ® working fully mechanical is not only used in winding systems. It  is used  as a length follower also in   various automation systems and can work horizontally / vertically.

VARGEL ®, which is much more advantageous in terms of ease of use, application labor and compared to alternative systems and demands of dealership subject  incoming  from dealers  other than our dealers in America and Russia regions are evaluated by us.